Our Story

Mission & Background


In 2014, Patrick “Pat” Pilgrim and his wife, Anne, formed PPF Gin & Warehouse, LLC. It was Pat’s vision to vertically integrate the cotton industry like he had experienced in the poultry industry when his family owned Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry, one of the largest poultry producers in the world. Pat’s approach to vertically integrating the cotton industry is to have agreements with farmers to assist in the planting of the cotton crop and then purchasing cotton from farmers at a preset price.

In 2014, PPF purchased a gin in Deport, Texas. In that first year, PPF had 6,500 acres participating in the farmer program and the gin produced 2,100 bales.

In 2015, PPF built a state-of-the-art cotton gin near Cooper, Texas with a capacity of approximately 175,000 bales a year. In its first year of operation PPF had 11,000 acres participating in the farmer program and the gin produced 7,700 bales. Fast forward to 2017, PPF had 55,000 acres participating in the program and the gin produced over 127,500 bales.


We will support and serve farmers and the farming community by providing superior ginning services.

Pat and Anne Pilgrim PPF Story
Cotton Module and Picker


We value strong work ethic, quality product and customer service. Our goal is to cater to and meet all the needs of the farmer. We know and understand these needs because we’re more than just a cotton gin, we’re farmers ourselves.